Wednesday, 6 April 2011

What we are doing Article on HEC devolution.

What we are doing????Stop HEC Devolution


Well I am checking out internet, news papers and now this blog from last week. Everyone is talking about HEC devolution, achievements of HEC and stuff like that but ironically no one is playing the role that is required. I mean the practical role to stop HEC devolution.

These kinda practices of making face book pages, blogs are just  used for information sharing, knowledge sharing, and advertisements  but when we have to stop any activity, OR give some  strong message to any other we have to take some practical steps.


 I am describing here that what we  don't do following:


1.       Why do not we approach Supreme Court in this regard, What we are waiting & for whom we are waiting?


2.       Why do not we plan, arrange  any talk show of well renowned politicians including implementation Commission members  along with higher HEC officials to share their views live in front of all the nation regarding this devolution?



3.       Why the University Management, Faculty of Pakistani universities are  not giving their statements on this very critical issue?


4.       Why peaceful gathering in front of Press clubs of all the country & specially in front of the Parliament are not scheduled yet?



What we are waiting? To write another blog or comment on face book page??????????


Come on be realistic, its Pakistan . You cant behave so shamefully on internet only. HEC is the asset of Pakistan & the hope for young generation so we should play our role positively now.

I am not talking about any illegal act, we should record our voice in a better manner at some proper forum, that what I am trying to say you all.


Please awake yourself as we are wasting time and not taking any positive action.


 A voice of a True Pakistani.


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