Friday, 1 April 2011



September 11, 2001 saw the dawn of a new hope for Pakistan in the name of the higher education commission which was shimmering with a meteoritic light of holistic higher education reforms. Since then the organization geared up all the higher education institutions of Pakistan and took the most unprecedented stand against the dark ages and then, we saw the HEI’s of Pakistan blooming with state of the art infrastructure, research growth, teachers, students, digitized revolution be it be in Malakand or Multan or Karachi or Uthal, or may it be Jamshoro or Kohat. The input was the same everywhere and the impact, the changes were instrumental, and stupendous. They changed the mindset of the country as there was a gradual trickle down of quality across the board giving equal access and opportunity to all HEI’s across Pakistan irrespective of regional, demographical, gender disparities having uniformity of implementation.

Access given to the common mass created a stir not only in the country but worldwide. People against this brave nation started to feel wary and threatened by the progress gradually moving towards its peak in the last 10 years. It was the higher education sector which was becoming now the only light in the dark tunnel of Pakistan’s current turmoil that the nation was looking forward to as the rest of the institutions in Pakistan are draining away but alas our light is about to fade away as well.

Now was the time that the PhD’s were ready to return and serve the country and more to embark. Now was the moment that the nation was standing united in the shape of the HEI’s with the same voice, same approach, same quality, same standards and a unified concerted confident unaware of the cruel wave of terrorism and separatism and parochialism stand that Higher education was all set to launch its first mark on the nation’s economy with indigenous research flourishing with new researchers creating patents and more incubation cells and teachers were getting empowered professionally with more global skills and approached ready to trickle down the same quality to the future of Pakistan which makes half of our population making our dear mother land a better place to be but unfortunately that that  journey has been halted so brutally.

But wait a minute. I feel this could be a blessing in disguise. May be this is for the better. May be we needed this moment to be capitalized for the last and final time to seal our voice together as one united nation that we will sabotage all efforts to derail our journey of freedom hope and above all glory of Pakistan so that no one dares to put an evil eye on us ever again.

I appeal earnestly to all my academics, our youth who are better than us who are least corrupt but have a better grip of the current tides and the future ones  to come forward and hold this time. Let us make a human chain of one voice to gun down every attempt made against our future our country and above all the truth that is supreme.

Devolution of HEC is the silent way to self –destruction of the only hope of our nation

Haath mein meray haath do aur tum bhi aagey barho. Issi tarha se barhte jaao peeche na hatto

and SAVE HIGHER EDUCATION FOR PAKISTAN. Good luck to you and God Bless You All.

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