Saturday, 2 April 2011

Fw: Please Don't Devolve HEC

Nobody can deny the importance of media with a power to mould the minds of the people and Governments. Media is the most powerful tool of communication. It helps promoting the right things on right time. It gives a real exposure to the mass audience about what is right or wrong.  I would like to request through your esteemed newspaper, please play a constructive role to stop devolving HEC for the sake of humanity/nation to which we are all committed within our limitations.
I wonder what's happening in my country and what will be its consequences; they are not out of visualization. I agree to all those who believe in the positive role of HEC without pointing finger upon anybody.
Up till now the Higher Education Commission  has done marvellous job for the functions of equivalence, attestation, recognition of degrees, opening of new universities ,on-going 1,000 research projects on the most important issues of importance to Pakistan, Foreign scholarship program ,Graduating PhD students around the world, tracking of  each foreign scholar individually,  5,000 Indigenous Scholarship programs, high speed inter-connectivity between universities through Internet, the Digital Library Program,  More than 1,000 scholars per year got the opportunity to travel abroad to present research papers,  linking research activities among Pakistani universities,, improving pedagogical skills of teachers in universities, Initiation of  a number of new development projects and new discipline,  Centre of Excellence in Universities in  Pakistan, more than 7.3000 students availed IRSIP fellowships,  1000 Postdoctoral fellowships to University faculty members , Initiation of a number of  programs to improve quality of teaching and research in the Universities and Introduction of performance based TTS and creation of a research environment in the Universities and  much much more is on the credit of HEC.

 A comparison of the statistics before HEC and after HEC establishment reveals the unprecedented revolution in science in the country. HEC is not only the fund disbursement agency, but is working on intellectual and ideological basis, implementing a uniform policy throughout the country, and credit of introducing scientific attitude  in the nation. Fragmentation of HEC would also mean fragmentation of the ideology and the scientific thought. This'll be disastrous for the future of Pakistan as it will lead to awful problems. It will lead to multiplicity of standards and cause the preHEC chaotic situation of standards at all levels of education. Most prominently, the HEC national focus to train manpower in key areas of national importance, in harmony with the international standards and long term development plans, will be shattered by splitting/fragmented approach.
Just for the sake of my country's progress, HEC's efforts- briefly mentioned above are going to be jeopardized.

Will our Government be with us to keep us the flourishing at national and International educational standards where just because of HEC Pakistani Scientists started getting their recognition? Dissolving the HEC is not the solution when day by day Pakistan is losing its image at the world scenario.
For Jinnah's Nation sake, think over it let us flourish us with the HEC.   
The Best Regards
Dr. Tayyaba Sultana
Dept. of Zoology, GC University, Faisalabad.


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