Thursday, 7 April 2011

Dear all!
I, on behalf of the participants of training program "Ensuring Training Effectiveness" conducted at AIT, Bangkok, want to bring it to the notice of all reading this that our training gave us the wisdom and skill to enhance the standards of the training programs for the faculty of HEIs. Now we the participants can very proudly claim to be able to conduct effective and fruitful trainings for the better performance of the faculty in higher education in Pakistan. We the master trainers are ready with the most advanced skills and knowledge required to attempt the difficult tasks of bringing an awareness among the stake holders about the need for HRD and imparting the skills of careful planning, designing, implementing and evaluating an effective training to the faculty of HEIs. This all has been made possible by HEC. Without HEC, we could just ever dream of this all. Our mission is to cascade this training and this is impossible without the contiuous support of HEC. Please let HEC survive and help us complete this mission. Ours was the first batch and as we heard the HEC has been planning to conduct a series for such trainings for other lecturers and managers of HE programs. The devolution of HEC would leave us no where. I have also written an article about this with the title "HEC Devolution: A Signpost to Chaos". I would request you all to please read that and join the cause of HEC. Long live HEC!

Aisha Farid
Assistant Professor
Faculty of English Language, Literature and Applied Linguistics
National University of Modern Languages

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