Wednesday, 6 April 2011

HEC devolution will be a disaster.....SAVE the Future of Education

HEC devolution will be a disaster…..SAVE the Future of Education 

The devolution of HEC is like playing with the teachers and students future. It’s the only organization in which we believe and it can secure our future generations. It is promulgating the vision of Higher Education for teachers as well as for students. The existence of HEC is only for the benefit for all. HEC brought awareness about higher education among people. Now People know the importance of Higher Education and their role in development of the country.Higher Education commission is the only organization which is doing its best to ensure quality education in the country.

HEC initiative to cater exclusively college faculty is commendable. It’s exclusively ELTR Radical and Revolutionary edge to train the teaching faculty of colleges of public sector. English Language Teaching Reforms (ELTR) of HEC is taking estimable steps to train teaching faculty of colleges. Teachers are being trained by keeping in view the international standards of education. International Resource Person Training on TSEOL under ELTR was exclusively designed for the English Language Teaching faculty of college sector. 14 teachers became Master Trainers and they were awarded international certification. Now these master Trainers are cascading the same training in their institutes to ensure the ongoing Learning process”. Teachers are getting new techniques and strategies through valuable Training programs. In collaboration with Us Embassy and British Council the ELTR is organizing quite effective and valuable training courses to ensure that our teachers may get international standard trainings and they can equip themselves with modern teaching themes and techniques.

 Our Future lies in enriching and uplifting our teachers who are building our future generations. Devolution of HEC will be a cruel step towards the dream of Quality Education .This is the high time for our NATION to raise voice and join hands to save the future of Pakistan. It is more than sad and unfortunate. HEC devolution means we are heading towards a Higher Education Mess in the country. We will lose the sense of self-realization. It simply we will be like thrown in a period of darkness as far as HE is concerned .We need to launch a joint effort for this national interest to save future of our country , otherwise we will never be forgiven by our future generations.





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