Monday, 25 April 2011

What is Orientation & Awareness Program on HEI’s Semester / Examination System? And Why this Program was established?

Higher Education Commission has taken strategic & holistic measures since 2002 to revamp the HE sector towards better quality, achieving relevance to the needs of Pakistan & Providing educational access to all. In this  regard a  National Committee on Examination System (NCES) was constituted in 2003 by HEC to review the existing examination policy of HEI’s as well as  examine & reformulate a uniform semester system framework  in compliance with international standards. The overall purview of NCES is:

v  Discuss the fallacies in existing examination systems.

v  Suggest comprehensive changes in the current examination systems.

v  Design, approve, supervise and review the examination strategies.

v  Make nationally agreed principles and practices.

v  Prepare guidelines for Assurance of Academic Quality and Standards in Higher Education.

v  Review effectiveness of its policies and ensure consistent implementation.

v  Demonstrate critical thinking skills in the examination process.


How this Program is working?

The NCES proposed Policy Guidelines for Examination & Semester System which was approved on August 13, 2008 by the HEC Commission. The same were disseminated to all HEI’s on December 04 , 2008 , With the purpose to orient the stakeholders and also encourage the HEI’s to gradually shift from annual & term system to a uniform semester system in congruence with international practices. Learning Innovation Division was directed to ensure implementation of the policy guidelines as well as to orient and train relevant examination staff & faculty members for implementing the same in the irrespective systems.

What is the Mission of the Program?

“Implementation of HEC Approved Policy Guidelines on Semester & Examination System by Training University Faculty and Examination Staff Members”

Under Orientation & Awareness Program on HEI’s Semester Examination System & Policy Guidelines following activities / trainings are conducted: 

Master Trainers Workshops on Testing & Assessment.

CPD Courses for Examination staff and relevant Teaching Faculty.


Milestones achieved yet?

It is an exclusive Program which has so far conducted 12 orientation seminars and moreover 07 Master Trainer Workshops have managed to develop 175 Master Trainers who are cascading their learning to their peers and colleagues in their respective parent organizations. A Team of Examination System Experts and Academicians is working consistently to improve the Examination  System of the HEI’s.

Who can benefit by this Program?

v  This Program is ideal for the Faculty Members who are designated examination related tasks by their respective University.

v  Examination Staff member i.e. Controllers, Deputy Controllers & Assistant Controllers.


What will be the loss if Program Closed?


Examination System is as  Back Bone in the body of HEI’s Skeleton if no proper platform is provided to improve the systems and make a Unified standard system for all the HEI’s , No Standardization and Uniformity will be possible. No output can be achieved without the proper Strategic Planning for a system and HEC’s Input to establish and Improve the existing Examination System of HEI’s is really considerable, if this Program will be closed we cannot be among the list of Standard Setups of Education Systems of the World.

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