Tuesday, 12 April 2011

HEC a renaissance in Pakistan

The devolution will be a complete disaster for the education of nation .its HEC putting a lot of efforts to build up standard quality education in Pakistan through different programs .i personally get  refined a lot by the different workshops conducted by HEC.we 25 participants from different universities of Pakistan  recently had a training in AIT extension Bangkok,we have polished a lot by that training and want to cascade that so that the light of knowledge will travel as we were promised by HEC  LID division to be funded fully for the workshop which we gona have in our universities but devolution of HEC is going to make it impossible . The devolution of HEC, is like playing with the future of students and teachers. It’s the only organization in which we believe to secure our future generation. It is promulgating the vision of Higher Education for teachers as well as for students. The existence of HEC is only for the benefit for all. HEC brought awareness about higher education among people.Now I wonder what will be the future of education in Pakistan if its gonna happen……I personally protest against it strongly and I want all of my worthy colleagues to join hands with me….as we cant compromise our future of education…..we don’t want to be thrown back in the age of darkness….  HEC brought  a renaissance in our country….so let it b so …let it ignite the candle of knowledge ……..



I will request you all to save HEC for the future of Pakistan…


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