Wednesday, 6 April 2011

No to HEC Devolution

The fake degree holders have ganged up against Higher Education Commission. Not a single parliamentarian, who earned a real degree and is educated, speaks against HEC. All nonsense comes from those politicians who are either uneducated or convinced enough to understand that this organization will not ever serve and protect their interests.
We thoroughly condemn this unlawful and cynical act of disgrace against HEC. There is not a single aspect of higher education that remained unattended in HEC policy. From scholarships, fellowships and quality to trainings and professional capacity building, from curriculum, research and upgradation of universities, from establishment of new universities to providing grants to researcher, teachers through its development projects and providing access to thousands of journals/books through digital library, Natural and Social Sciences, English learning and research, and any other discipline, area or department you name is addressed in one or the other way.
The English Language Project provided international certification in TESOL without any financial liability on us. The US Embassy and British Council have come forward to shake hand with ELTR HEC to help the Pakistani English teachers. International Resource Person Mr. Dave Hopkins commented that he has not worked with such a professional organization in his forty years of experience.
Not a single charge of corruption, selection for the scholarships on merit, recruitment in a very transparent manner, what else do you want my dear government. HEC is the only hope and the only organization that reflects good governance. Please for God's sake think before you speak or take action because its not the matter of your personal gains, the future of nation is at stake.
I would consider myself to be a criminal if I sit idle like a silent spectator and do not raise my voice against the devolution of HEC. If this happens I am sure our generations are not going to forgive us and if we have conscience our nights will remain painful to what we have done to the future of our nation.
Salute to HEC leadership and "Request" to the bigwigs to stop whatever they decide on coffee tables without consideration of on ground realities.

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