Monday, 4 April 2011

FW: On the devolution of HEC

Dear friend:
Many thanks for this amazing blog:
You are doing a great service by providing up to date information on HEC's debacle.

Can you please post our letter to the blog which we sent to the Pakistani High Commissioner to UK?
Many thanks,
Yasser Bhatti
From: Yasser Bhatti
Sent: 04 April 2011 03:04
Subject: RE: On the devolution of HEC

Dear Editors and Journalists:

In response to the devolution of HEC, all the HEC scholarship holders at the University of Oxford have drafted their immediate concerns in the attached letter sent to the High Commissioner of Pakistan to UK, HE Wajid Shamsul Hasan.

It is requested if you can please publish this as a letter to the editor section in your newspaper to help raise awareness of our cause to save the HEC.

The text of the letter reads:
HEC Devolution and Fate of Pakistani Scholars in the UK

It is with dismay that we have learned of the devolution of the Higher Education Commission. We urge the Government of Pakistan to reconsider the decision to devolve the HEC, a national body which has gained much worldwide acclaim for its contribution to Pakistani society in education, research, human resource development, and institutional linkages within Pakistan and internationally. The many indirect benefits of HEC projects to Pakistan's knowledge economy cannot even be accurately quantified.

Frankly, we are befuddled on why there are moves to fix what isn't broken. But it seems the decision has been made and will be implemented with swiftness. We are therefore, deeply concerned about the future of higher education in Pakistan. Further, we are disconcerted that there is no information on the nature of transition or the continuation of support for the HEC scholars currently studying in the UK and elsewhere in the world. Nevertheless, we hope that measures will be taken to avoid negative consequences of the transition to and of the newly restructured system.

At the very least interim measures should be setup to continue support for crucial ongoing projects such as Human Resource Development so that all scholars currently studying abroad (and domestically) are allowed to complete their professional qualifications. Otherwise, we will have to seek substitute funding, loans, or other means to continue studying lest we are forced to drop out of our Universities. But this would be unfortunate as the People of Pakistan have already invested heavily in the scholars who are expected to give back to the country in the form of knowledge transfer. Leaving scholars stranded in the middle of their programmes will have numerous negative consequences, not the least some of which will be borne of course by the concerned students themselves, but also by the Government of Pakistan on its credibility for not fulfilling its sponsorship commitments, and by Pakistan as a whole in its relationship with the UK's and other host countries' Universities.

We, the undersigned, therefore kindly request you (the High Commissioner of Pakistan to the UK, HE Wajid Shamsul Hasan) to voice our concerns to the Government of Pakistan on the devolution of the Higher Education Commission to help minimize any negative implications of this immensely consequential restructuring.

With sincere concern for the future of Pakistan's higher education,
HEC PhD Scholars at the University of Oxford and the Oxford Pakistan Society



Yasser Bhatti
DPhil (PhD) Candidate in Management Research
Said Business School -- Oxford University
From: Yasser Bhatti
Sent: 04 April 2011 02:51
Subject: On the devolution of HEC

Mr Talha Saeed
Education Attache
High Commission for Pakistan
34 – 36 Lowndes Square
London SW1X 9JN

Dear Mr Saeed:

I hope you are well. The HEC scholars studying at Oxford University would like to raise their concerns regarding the devolution process of HEC and have drafted a letter entailing some of the most immediate concerns.

May I request if you can kindly forward the attached letter as addressed to H.E. The High Commissioner?
Many thanks for your understanding and cooperation.


Yasser Bhatti
DPhil (PhD) Candidate in Management Research
Said Business School -- Oxford University
Park End Street
Oxford OX1 1HP

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